List of Benefactors

The Book of Benefactors was originally compiled in 2000 and continues to be updated with gifts and bequests, including the most recent 2014 Bell Restoration Appeal.
It records, “…with immense gratitude, the names of those who, over and above routine giving, have supported appeals for the upkeep and embellishment of our church.” and the first entry records The ‘Ancient Bell’, circa 1360.
Having been compiled retrospectively, it cannot be a definitive list of donations, especially over the earliest centuries of the church’s existence, but every effort has been made to include as many gifts as possible.
It is on permanent public display on the Victorian lectern (or litany desk) in the sanctuary. This double-sloped desk is in the same style as the choir stalls and it stood, for many years, at the front of the chancel on the north side (opposite the pulpit). It was moved in 2002 when the dais was built and it was no longer practical in that position.

Major Benefactors of the past include

The Leigh Family of Stoneleigh

Alice, Duchess Dudley

The Hon Mary Leigh

Earls of Warwick

Earls of Clarendon

The Greatheeds and descendants

The Wise Family of Woodcote

The Waller Family of Woodcote

The Wright family of Wootton Court (now The Hayes)