Rev John Jackman (1701-1742)

Rev Jackman succeeded from Rev Richard Chamberlaine, who had served Leek Wootton for over 40 years. He was a student of New Inn Hall, Oxford, who received a BA in 1689 and MA in 1692, he was ordained in 1691 at Oxford.
He was around 30 years old when he was appointed to the living at Leek Wootton and lived 8 years as a bachelor. On 1 November 1709 he was married to Elizabeth Chernocke in Leek Wootton and they went on to have one son and four daughters baptised here as well.
In 1710 he was also appointed to the living at Long Itchington and he served both parishes until his death in 1742. In his Will he made a point of leaving £5 to the poor of the parish of Long Itchington and 50 shillings to those of Leek Wootton, explaining that he considered, “…that those latter poor [of Leek Wootton] have had the greater share of my Charity in my lifetime.”
His memorial, which would have originally hung in the mediaeval church, was placed high in the tower of the new church, which now places it in the Millennium Room (upper meeting room). It is clear from the wording of the memorial that he and his wife were well-respected by his parishioners:

Here lyes the Body of IOHN IACKMAN
who during 42 Years residence in this Parish,
of which he was Vicar,
illustrated by his example ye pure Doctrines of Xtianity
which he taught;
Nor was He less eminent for his Learning,
than his virtues,
He dyed 25 January 1743 Aged 72
Here lyes the Body of ELIZABETH his Wife
whose Virtues were equally amiable
with those of Her Husband,
They were mutually happy in each other,
A rare Blessing to their Family,
Esteemed by their Superiors,
Beloved by their Equals,
Courteous to their Inferiors,
and kind to all
who wanted their Assistance
She dyed 14 September 1747 Aged 63.
Let their Life be a Pattern for our imitation
Let their Death remind us of our mortality

Vicars of Leek Wootton
Predecessor: Richard Chamberlaine | Successor: Robert Mills