Rev Thomas Cox (1782-1823)

In 1782, Rev Cox was the last Vicar appointed to the living at Leek Wootton while the patron was The Hon Mary Leigh. He studied at Worcester College, Oxford, and was ordained at Christchurch, Oxford, in 1781.
He married Elizabeth Amey Clarke five years into his tenure, but lost his wife and second child in 1789. His brother-in-law, Rev Thomas Clarke, was Rector of Honiley as well as resident curate at Leek Wootton and his memorial is alongside Rev Cox, high on the north wall of the nave. His surviving son also took orders and was a curate of Leek Wootton as well, before he became Rector of Atherstone-on-Stour and Oxhill.
Rev Cox was incumbent at the time that the old medieval church was pulled down and rebuilt.

Vicars of Leek Wootton
Predecessor: John Clark | Successor: Henry Dryden