Rev Canon Andrew Archer Thomson (1949-1958)

Canon Thomson was ordained in 1910 and was Curate at St Andrew’s, Leicester (1909-14). He was then a Missionary in Bugotu (1914-19), Guadalcanar (1919-20) and South Mala (1920-32), Solomon Islands.
He returned from the Missions and became Curate of St Peter’s Coventry in 1932.
He was 70 when he was appointed Priest-in-Charge at Leek Wootton and served the community for 8 years, before retiring. In 1965 he returned to officiate at services during the interregnum between Canon Cornes and Rev Nettleship.
Canon Thomson died in Warwick in 1969.

Vicars of Leek Wootton
Predecessor: John Reginald Ryecart | Successor: James Cornes